We at Greystock are devoted to doing everything we can to maintain trust and transparency with our users and followers. Nothing is more important to us than protecting our valued community, which is why we will never be in the business of doing anything with your data without your complete consent.

Something important to also add, we will only be able to access any data you provide by using the site. We do not collect or store any information unless this condition is met, we believe in ensuring you have confidence in us to do what is right.

To prove this, we have constructed this simple little document to explain what we are doing behind the scenes to with your data to make your experience beyond exception!

To break this Privacy Policy down, we aim to explain:

  • Why we even collect data?
  • What we are doing with your data?
  • What data we collect from you – our users!

If you have any questions/queries/assumptions/misunderstandings or even just fancy a chat, please contact us via email or our social media accounts. One of the team would be more than happy to discuss your thoughts in detail.

Email – greystockpaypal@gmail.com

Facebook – Greystock

Instagram – @greyst0ck

Our websites use cookies to collect information.  This includes information about browsing and purchasing behaviour by people who access our websites.  This includes information about pages viewed, products purchased and the customer journey around our websites.

We then use this information to then try and improve our services to make things faster, easier or more accessible, based only on how you use the site at your pleasure.

It’s almost as if we were never even there!

Okay, so whenever someone in the world connects to our website www.greystock.co.uk/ we use a third-party service to collect general internet log information, such as your device or location, and details of visitor behaviour patterns such as how long you may on stay on the website for.

This third party is Google Analytics Software, from Google LLC. The reason we use this is because Google has made it so all of the data processed is strictly anonymised, meaning we will never know it is you. Greystock and Google will never attempt to reveal or discover any identities of our users.

Info on who to contact if they want to view, amend or delete their personal data.

In the event you wish to view, amend or delete your personal details, no problem!

Please contact your request to our data protection officer –

Dan Collins – greystockpaypal@gmail.com

A short piece on when you will review the policy, you could also include the last date it was reviewed.

Last reviewed and updated 21/08/2018 at 19:11pm GMT.